background sounds entertainment - Emcees, DJs, Lighting and Photography
 For almost 15 years our clients have allowed us to be a small part of their lives at weddings, receptions, parties and corporate events.  Thank you.
 This business has allowed me to take care of my parents, assist in tuition costs for my daughter and provide resources for my family out of our financial reach.  We appreciate it. 

Why Stop Now?

  This one is easy.  A 55-year old man stares me back in the mirror every morning on my way to the exercise bike.  Nearly 500 weddings and events have meant far too many Saturday nights and weekends away from family.

 I can recommend and endorse one DJ I've known for 15 years, and that's Cory Bean with Dynamic DJ Productions.  We started together doing this, he's better than I will ever be.


Build A Cathedral. 

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